Our operation is based mainly on a piece rate bundle system.
We do employ the use of a line system in some cases
depending upon the item and quantity of order. Our normal
minimum order quantity is 10,000 pairs. We are completely
computerized and use a sophisticated bar code system to
track all production and payroll. Our turn time is generally
three weeks on average from receipt of the goods or the date
cut. This, of course, depends upon the style and its particular
After receiving cut work, or cutting it ourselves, it is bundled,
shade marked and made ready for small parts. Flies, belt
loops, bands, and flaps are prepared in parts sections. From
there it moves to the main production lines and then on to
finishing where belt loops, buttonholes and buttons are
attached. After finishing, the work is trimmed, pressed and
baked (if required).
Aside from the machine operators, each section has one
supervisor who is responsible for the production and quality
in his/her section. Each section has additional assistant
supervisor, one or more distributors, two or more roving
quality checkers, one person measuring bands at the
machine, one person matching panels to insure proper
shading, one person marking sizes before banding, one
person checking the chained seams for skips and two final
inspectors At the end of each section, we employ auditors
that move from section to section doing random audits based
on a 1.5 AQL. Work may not proceed to the next section
unless it passes this audit. These auditors have independent
authority to stop a line temporarily from producing if need be.
All operators fix their own repairs at their own expense. All
production can be traced to the original operator at any time
in the production process. Our computer system also tracks
operators and operations.
Work in process moves on to the final inspection. We again
100% inspect every garment, measure every waist and
inseam and check every label. Each pair that is passed
contains the inspector’s number. A rejected garment is
repaired, re-pressed and re-inspected. Once passed,
garments move on to packing. We do all ticketing, tagging,
bagging, hanging and prepacking there depending on the
needs of the cut. After packing, a full audit based on a 2.5
AQL is done on each cut. If rejected, the cut goes back for
100% inspection and repair and is audited again.
Quality is our main priority and we have an extended quality
staff of checkers, inspectors and roving auditors in each
section. All quality data is written down and kept on file for
future reference. Quality Reports such as in-line and end-line
quality reports, in-line and end-line repair reports, stitches per
inch reports, final quality audits, spec reports, packing audits
and irregular reports are obtainable through the Caribbean
Island Apparel Quality Control Guidelines. We do our utmost
to make a quality garment as well as meet the delivery needs
of our customers.
Caribbean Island Apparel S.A