Caribbean Island Apparel SA
began operation in 1984.  We
produce both dress (constructed)
and casual (un-constructed) men’
s and boy’s pants, uniform pants
and uniform shirts as well as
performance t-shirts and shorts.  
We work with a variety of fabrics
including denims, cotton blend
twills, poplins and knits.
Over the years we have expanded our capacity to enable us to produce approximately
0,000 garments per week.  We have recently been re-engineered to take advantage of
as many square feet as possible and produce garments most efficiently.  Cutting,
sewing, baking and pressing facilities are all located within our 2
00,000 square foot
facility in Port-au-Prince.  We are ideally situated in an industrial park just one mile from
the International Airport, and one mile from the International Port Authority.  We have
been certified to be in compliance with all local and international standards covering
workplace environments.  In March 2015 WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel
Production) awarded us Platinum Certification.  This 2 year certification is the highest
level of certification that can be achieved with WRAP.
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