Bill Clinton visits
Caribbean Island
Earthquake Relief
Easter Raffle
Mother's Day Raffle
Father's Day Raffle
CaribbeanIsland Apparel
Scholarship 2010

364 children entered
the scholarship
contest. Ages 3-6
were asked to draw a
picture of a new
palace for Haiti.  Ages
7-18 were divided
into 3 age groups
and were given 3
essay topics to
choose from.  Every
child who entered
received a prize, 156
children received
back packs and 23
children received
school scholarships.
Wall Design Contest

All the workers voted
on a winner.
The winners
received a monetary
prize and had an
artist paint their
design on a wall in
the cafeteria. Top ten
designs won a
monetary prize.
Christmas  Raffle
Children's Christmas
Caribbean Island Apparel S.A
Pictures 2010