Caribbean Island Apparel S.A
Andrew Ansaldi III (right):   In 1988, Andrew moved to Haiti and
became involved with Caribbean Island Apparel.  In 1992, he
became the COO of Island Apparel. He currently lives in Haiti
and oversees the plant's operations on a day to day basis.
Andrew received a BS degree from Susquehanna University
and a MBA from Boston University.
Fritz Felchlin (left):    Fritz opened Caribbean Island Apparel
(formerly called HATCO) in 1984.  In 1992, he moved back to
Georgia where he currently manages all of the company's
purchasing activities and also serves as a vital stateside link
with the factory. Fritz graduated from the University of Georgia
where he received his BA degree.
Plant Manager:
Beauvoir Etienne (left)
: In 1985, Beauvoir joined the
Caribbean Island Apparel team.  He is currently the
plant manager and overseas all plant operations.
Quality Control Department:
(far left) and Jn Rony (far right) are the heads
of our Quality Control department.
Arlene (2nd from the left) is head of quality in our pant
Marlene (middle) is head of Final Audit.
Mary Lou (2nd from the right) is head of quality in the
shirt line.
Medical Staff:
We have 5 full time nurses on staff as well as two
doctors who come four times a week to our factory to
treat any employees with medical issues.  Any
employees needing immediate medical attention are
sent directly to the hospital located 1 mile from the
Trim Department:
Kenold Mesidor (center) and his two assistants are in
charge of the trim department.  They regulate the
distribution of trim as well as trim inventory.
Engineering Team:
( left), Frantz (center) and Jonas (right) are our in house
engineering department.  They have allowed us to maximize
our floor space as well as optimize our efficiency.
Cutting Room Department:
Jonas (2nd from left) is in charge of fabric distribution.
Jude (2nd to right) and Steve (far right) are the heads
of the cutting room.
Michel (far right) and his two assistants are our customs
Office Director:
ichard Gerson: Bichard joined the Caribbean Island
Apparel team in 2002.  He is currently the office d
He coordinates and verifies all office activities as well as
follows up on jobs within the factory.  He also organizes all
government documents and verifies that we are compliant
with all government laws as well as socially compliant with
auditing groups.