Employee Benefits:
  • supplement meal costs
  • provide transportation or money for transportation to and from work.
  • Have 5 nurses and a fully stocked infirmary with medicine and medical supplies on site.  We also have
    two doctors who visits the factory 4 times a week to see any employees needing medical attention.  Any
    employees needing immediate medical attention are taken to the hospital which is one mile away from the
  • We purchase prescriptions for sick employees.
  • We offer a no interest loan system.
  • We work with Health groups such as Smart Works to educate our employees on family planning and
    AIDS awareness.  We provide HIV and syphilis testing at our facility monthly.
  • We offer a monthly meeting for pregnant and nursing workers.  A new topic is introduced every month
    and the information is available in the nurses office for anyone who wants it.  It also gives the women an
    opportunity to ask questions and learn about the risks associated with working in an industrial
  • We pay for pregnant women to deliver in hospitals and provide vitamins and folic acid for them during
    their pregnancy.
  • We keep a stock of reading glasses for employees who have difficulty seeing while working or reading.
Scholarship Program:
  •  We started an annual scholarship program.  All children of the employees of the factory were eligible to
    participate.  We had 4 different age groups.  They were all given a topic to write about and the winners
    were given school tuition, uniforms, books, and school supplies.  Last year 20 children received
    scholarships and 75 children received school supplies.  This year, all 364 participants received a prize
    and 23 children were given school scholarships.
Employee Celebrations:
  • Every year we have a Christmas party for the Children of the employees of the factory.  Santa gives
    each child a gift and there is an abundance of food, games, and entertainment.  Last year we had 500
    children attend this party.
  • We also throw a Christmas party for the employees of the factory.
  • Easter raffle- raffling off fish, oil, rice, and money.
  • We celebrated carnival by giving everyone t-shirts and bandannas.
  • On mother's day, we had a raffle.  We raffled off spaghetti, oil, rice, blenders, irons, solar lanterns, clock
    radios, and money.  We also celebrated father's day with a raffle.
  • We threw a huge 25 year celebration for all employees.
Earthquake Relief:
  • We handed out cases of drinking water to all of our employees.
  • We joined with one of our customers to purchase a large container of food to give out to all of our
  • We gave employees advancement on their salary to help them during this difficult time.
Employee Benefits